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Curriculum design       Strategic Planning      Accreditation support     Resource Development
Stakeholder charettes and other designed inputs
  • Support in conducting deep research to glean internal and external stakeholder inputs for maximum impact
  • Groundwork on key constituent needs and best options for integrating their short, middle and long term needs
S.W.O.T. analyses and comprehensive environmental scans
  • Market review and prioritization of current program/institution strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Development of leaderships reports to define possible white spaces for growth relative the current environment
Reporting, documentation and financial recommendations
  • Development of feasibility studies, pro forma, prospectuses, analysis and recommendations
  • Support in execution of planning documents, consortial agreements, and prior notice documentation
(Re)alignment proposals and implementation paths
  • Strategic planning and documentation for change management scenarios
  • Coordination of constituent reporting on change management
KEY International Education Consulting

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Strategic Planning

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KEY International Education Consulting

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