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"For an institution our size, attaining regional accreditation was a very exciting yet challenging move. Having Kevin’s help and guidance made it an incredibly smooth process.  His knowledge, professionalism, and good humor made him a pleasure to work with.”  DS

"On forecasting, Kevin was almost omniscient in his ability to anticipate trends and outline workable paths that ensured our ability to adapt." MT

“Kevin has amassed a wealth of knowledge gained through his 30-plus years of experience working in higher education that makes his advice and counsel invaluable to anyone considering either a major curriculum overhaul or re-accreditation.” KD 

"Kevin is the rare administrator, teacher, and higher education professional that understands the complexities of program management, curricular architecture and design, and the core role of diplomacy necessary in realizing institutional vision." CK

"When seeking to make changes to antiquated processes and procedures that were holding specific aspects of our office back, we always turn to Kevin who responds with carefully researched, logical solutions that can be implemented for immediate results."  TS

"We greatly appreciate your considerable help on this - your enthusiasm for our idea, your wisdom on the process and ability to piece together this much substantive content on what we shared with you is nothing but remarkable!" LH

"We appreciate all your work, expertise and the collaborative partnership approach you provided throughout this project!!  Looking forward to identifying another opportunity to work with you soon!" BQ

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KEY International Education Consulting

"Kevin was an excellent reviewer for accreditation when I was a department chair. He fully grasped the nature of my department's work in the area of Art Foundations and how it impacted student learning beyond their first year courses. He was supportive of our use of visual assessment tools and went out of his way to commend our process to senior management. He helped our whole department to feel as though what we did mattered and that our collective efforts and professional skills were valued. I personally enjoyed my experience of working with Kevin." BN

"Kevin has worked in ways that combine his brilliant grasp of pedagogy with his distinctive grasp of both the mechanics and tectonics of managing institutional change. This requires clear thinking, persuasion, the ability to garner respect and give it, firmness of grasp and the ability to both lead and compromise." DG

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