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Curriculum design       Strategic Planning      Accreditation support     Resource Development
Developing competency-based and project-based models
  • Ideas for re-thinking traditional term and credit scenarios to add flexibility to delivery and learning experiences
  • Innovative approaches to linking resources that can maximize teaching delivery options and enrollments
Building efficient systems for course and program delivery
  • Suggestions on managing costs and access, while driving excellent results, all based on proven learning models
  • Support on effective means of building curricula to ensure student choice and efficiencies with economies of scale
Instructional design and content support for faculty
  • Assistance for faculty adaptation to online, hybrid and traditional delivery experiences that demonstrate equivalency across all
  • Content management and migration support to ensure effective utilization of faculty expertise
Integrated assessment planning and implementation
  • Structures for collecting tests, assignments and other artifacts to build solid evidence of formative and summative  learning
  • Faculty support in development of best practices to ensure reliability and predictability with assessment results

Experience + Innovation = Results

Curriculum Design

KEY International Education Consulting

KEY International Education Consulting

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