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Program, Unit and College Report development and submission support
  • Development of advisory groups to build the case and the data needed to support new programs
  • Notice reporting and follow-up to completion on accreditation commission actions
Strategies for Implementation of Essential compliance monitoring
  • Plan development and reporting to accreditors and other stakeholders to ensure maximum investment and success
  • Comprehensive institutional dashboard on key performance indicators that reduce redundancies in reporting
Building learner-centered institutional effectiveness metrics
  • Support for comprehensive IE approaches, from preparation to launch, for consistent analysis and use of results
  • Ideas for linking academic support units and other business units to students' academic success
Compliance standards guidance and self-study support
  • Recommendations on strategies for continuous compliance management
  • Support in managing reporting crosswalks for multiple accreditors

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Accreditation Support

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KEY International Education Consulting

KEY International Education Consulting

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