KEY International Education Consulting's vision is to build sustainable value for our clients through our networks. That vision is realized in following guiding principles that we scrupulously follow for our clients:

  • We constantly monitor fresh opportunities within the existing markets, and develop KEY research on developing opportunities in new markets
  • We provide KEY support to align academic programs with industry and global demand, academic standards, student needs and the potential for success
  • We recruit and retain superior staff and incent them to create excellent KEY customer-service experiences, yet cost-effective solutions for our clients
  • We seek KEY information to allow our clients to efficiently leverage physical and technological resources to exceed academic and professional standards
  • We believe that communication is KEY to ensuring our clients and their stakeholders can understand and coordinate the efforts of all

KEY International Education Consulting, LLC is built on a core belief that education markets need solutions that support learners with access, affordability, efficiency and integrity. Our mission simple: We help clients unlock doors to the future with our expertise.  From curriculum design to accreditation support, and from strategic planning to resource development, let us be a KEY part of your future!

James liu

James Liu received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.  Since then, he’s been involved in many international trade, private capital and education industry activities. Formerly the Director of Global Partnerships at Columbus College of Art and Design, James has extensive experience and connections in China, and plays an active role as a financial consultant with KEY..

KEY International Education Consulting

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There is no substitute for experience

Over 30 years experience developing innovative programming,
now put to work helping our clients turn challenges into opportunities

Kevin Conlon

An experienced and innovative leader in education, Kevin Conlon established KEY International Education Consulting to provide support for domestic and international education clients seeking new markets. His expertise in program design, articulation, assessment and accreditation, and strategic planning helps clients unlock markets and support learners with access, affordability, efficiency and integrity.

our MISSION is simple

key expertise unlocks doors to the future

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